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Why should you get a free dermatologist opinion from Turkey?

– 85 million people live in Turkey and the public/private healthcare system is affordable for everyone.
– Total of 1 Million 700 thousand tourists come to Turkey for health tourism annually.
– Turkey is in the gateway between the east (Asia) and west (Europe)
– Turkish Government heavily invests in top schools of medicine and healthcare infrastructure.

Interesting Fact: Our Chief Physician treated more than 50.000 patients in his career.

All of these results in experienced, worldwide renowned dermatologists operating in Istanbul.

What Our Patients Tell About Us

Dr. Utkan’s team is doing a splendid job. They are very friendly and accommodating.

Niyazi Dogan, Entrepreneur

Getting a hair transplant and skin rejuvenation treatments combined is was one of the best decisions I made. Now, I look much younger.

Yigit Okar, Engineer

Finally, there is a doctor who has deep knowledge about hair loss.

Adam Vickers