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To Shave or Not: 3 Factors in a Hair Transplant

To Shave or Not: 3 Factors in a Hair Transplant

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered how people see you?

If you are suffering from hair loss, asking this stressful question each morning becomes inevitable. ⚡

Thankfully, regaining confidence and becoming more attractive has never been more achievable with our modern options. 💡

In today’s world, the two most promising options we have today are getting a shave or a hair transplant, which is favored more by women:

👉 According to a survey, women have found men with a hair transplant as more attractive, young, successful, and approachable than those who did not.

In today’s article, I will talk more about the survey and compare your options about their effectiveness in restoring your confidence and looks:

First, how exactly do we decide which is better and according to what?

Shaved Head vs. Hair Transplant: Which Is Better in Comparison?

With both sides having strong arguments, it is difficult to give an outright answer.

So, to help you see which option is preferable and when, let’s take a look at each by their defining traits.

Here are the 3 factors we can question to decide which is the better option for you:

1 – Comparing Costs: Which Is Cheaper, a Shaved Head or a Hair Transplant?

At first glance, a shaved head might seem cheaper than a hair transplant, but that is because we tend to think in the short term.

▶️ Instead, let’s put another factor into play: Time.

Regardless of how much your baldness has progressed, to maintain your shaved head look, you will have to shave your head for the rest of your life.

Combine that with how much you will be paying to the barber or how many razors you will have to buy, and you can get an approximate number.

So, the long-term cost of a shaved head is a bit ambiguous.

▶️ On the other hand, hair transplant costs are definitive:

These average prices are affected by your chosen country and clinic, of course, but ultimately, you can control what to choose.

⚠️ But I should warn you that getting a hair transplant surgery alone will NOT guarantee definitive success.

One of the most common misconceptions that MPB patients have is believing that a hair transplant is comprised of surgery alone.

It is true that with a successful hair transplant, you can reduce the total cost of having great hair in your lifetime to a single price.

However, to achieve that definitive price and success, you have to pick the right clinic with the right location that offers you after-surgery guidelines to maintain your health as well.

Otherwise, a failed surgery will cause you to seek a second surgery to repair it, which will increase the overall price.

That is why finding the right clinic that offers them all in a single, inclusive package price is the key:

👉 At UnitedCare, we accept only 1 patient a day regardless of the chosen method.

The budget-friendly process begins with a free one-on-one consultation with our expert dermatosurgeons to determine your suitability. 

💊 Our holistic approach provides advanced technologies and bio-enhancements to ensure you do not need another surgery.

We use intracellular solutions (a.k.a bio-enhancements), helping cells stay alive for days outside the body. These solutions increase graft survival rates significantly. 💉

Most importantly, our care assistant/patient manager is in contact with our patients even before and after the surgery, ensuring that your transplant becomes permanent. 🍀

Affordable costs, a holistic approach, and experienced dermatologists on-site are here to provide you with the right solution.

Want to learn more? Get a FREE consultation:

Ensure success in a single, affordable package.

Restore your natural look with UnitedCare:

2 – Which Is More Attractive, Shaved Head or Full Hair?

woman attracted to man

And quite frankly, the reason we are looking for any solution to MPB is so that we can bring back the youthful and attractive look we deserve to have. ☘️

In this case, the question is which is more attractive: Using a razor or getting a transplant?

Let’s look at what studies and surveys say:

A Survey About the Attractiveness Rate of Hair Transplant Patients (1)

➡️ In 2015, a randomized survey was done with 122 participants (63 women and 58 men; 1 declined to specify sex) who were shown photographs of men before and after hair transplants.

➡️ Observers were shown side-by-side images of men and asked to compare them

➡️ Out of 13 men, 7 had androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and had undergone a hair transplant procedure, and 6 had not to ensure objectivity.

➡️ For each evaluation, various metrics were used, including age, attractiveness, successful outlook, and approachability. They were done to identify which variables, in particular, changed significantly as a result of the transplant.

➡️ AGA patients with hair transplants were rated as more attractive, successful, and approachable following surgery. In fact, they were even seen as younger.

Now, let’s take a look at bald men:

A Three-Part Experiment to See the Attractiveness Rate of Bald Men (2)

💠 In 2019, a group of dermatologists conducted a three-part experiment on three different sets of participants with different surveys.

💠 In the first survey, the objective was to see how bald men were perceived. The second was made to see if this perception is different in known individuals. Finally, the third combined these findings.

💠 The first survey group of 106 young women was given pictures of men before and after going bald and asked how attractive they found each in a rating of one to five.

💠 The second survey group of 50 women was also given the same treatment with one difference. This time, they either knew the men or were given in-depth information about them beforehand. 

💠 With the last part of the survey, it was concluded that knowing more about a bald man prevents them from being seen as unattractive; in fact, it even makes them more attractive. However, to strangers, the biased tendency to see them as unattractive at first heavily exists.

Finally, instead of asking other people, let’s see how attractive patients find themselves:

A Study to See the Increase of Confidence in Patients After a Hair Transplant (3)

*️⃣ In 2018, a 9-month long post-surgery satisfaction evaluation study was conducted on bald men who had undergone hair transplant surgery.

*️⃣ At the end of the 9-month-long post-transplant evaluation, 875 patients reported that in addition to having higher self-esteem and being satisfied with the decision, their psychological well-being and social function had increased to the same increase in confidence.

*️⃣ Also, as an important side note, the study conducted that low self-esteem levels tend to worsen postoperative satisfaction. So, getting after-surgery guidance is vital to improve postoperative satisfaction.

Ultimately, studies show that bald men are seen as more attractive after undergoing a hair transplant, especially by women.

👍 Although this factor seems to diminish a bit (if you can beat the tendency towards finding baldness unattractive at first), the studies also show that, on average, bald men who get a hair transplant tend to achieve a higher state of confidence and happiness.

Of course, alternatively, if you enjoy your shaved look and feel confident with it, then there is nothing further to discuss; what is important is how you feel.

🔹 Maybe you enjoy shaving your head or going to the barber for a chat every now and then.

🔹 Or perhaps you like how good you look with a shaved head.

At the end of the day, any reason is acceptable as long as you are happy with it.

3 – What Are Their Benefits and Downsides in the Long Term?

Ultimately, the differences between a head full of hair and a head that is shaved become easier to spot in long-term considerations.

So, here are the strong and weak parts of each option, compared back to back:

Pros of a Shaved Head

The great part about head shaves is that they are safe. 

As they are not surgical treatments, there is no chance for failure, and they are absolutely easy to achieve.

Cons of a Shaved Head

According to the report made by Skull Shaver, 80% of bald men shave their heads 2 – 3 times a week, so constant maintenance will be a big part of your life.

Also, accidents do occur, and cuts can happen, which can damage your scalp in the long run.

Additionally, as I’ve mentioned before, you have to consider the price of a strong razor that can shave the rest of your scalp well enough to match your balding areas. 

Alternatively, if you prefer a barber, you have to keep in mind that this option won’t be available to you during holidays or busy schedules.

Pros of a Hair Transplant

The before and after photos of hair transplants show that the results of a successful hair transplant are very apparent:

patient before and after a surgery
My patient, before and after a 4200 grafts surgery

When achieved with the right clinic, hair transplants are incredibly effective. 

So, if you follow the proper post-transplant guidelines of your clinic to protect your hair’s health, they can last for decades.

Cons of a Hair Transplant

Although slim, hair transplant surgeries contain a risk of failure like any other surgery.

To prevent this scenario, you need to do good research into finding the right and reliable clinic amongst the many hair mills and fake clinics in the field.

So, now that all the factors are put into display, only one question remains:

Which One Should You Go For?

Aside from the factors I’ve mentioned, here is my medical advice as a dermatologist as to which one you should choose:

The benefits of hair transplants are so accessible that I would suggest you consider that unless a shaved head is truly your preference.

The primary benefits you should consider before making your final decision are:

🟢 The modern methods of hair transplants are micro-invasive, leaving very minimal damage or scarring on your scalp that easily recovers and hides under your new hair.

🟢 The small amount of damage is barely felt during the surgery due to various options of anesthesia.

🟢 The recovery process is very quick, allowing you to return to work in a week and your normal daily return in two. 

🟢 You can efficiently utilize your existing hair grafts on other parts of your scalp to transfer hair on your frontal zone and other parts with a survival rate above 95% with bio-enhancements and a dermatologist.

🟢 Getting a hair transplant in Turkey, especially now, is easier and more affordable than ever. It is the number one country in the world for budget-friendly costs. Suppose you find the right clinic with a dermatologist who personally does the operation and accepts only ONE patient a day. In that case, you can achieve world-standard quality regardless of the price.

Alternatively, however, I can suggest going for a shaved head look if:

🟢 You like the bald or shaved head look,

🟢 You cannot spare time for or afford a hair transplant,

🟢 And/or you are okay with weekly getting a haircut to maintain your look and have the time for it.

However, if you have any doubts, remember that at least getting an expert’s opinion face-to-face about what your hair could look like is entirely free:

Get an expert’s opinion to clear all your doubts for free.

UnitedCare‘s experts are ready to answer your call now:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better, a hair transplant or a shaved head?

There are various factors to put into display here. If you are looking for a quick and safe solution, then you can go for a shaved head; alternatively, studies show that in terms of attractiveness, hair transplants are in the lead. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preference.

Does a shaved head look better than balding?

If you are experiencing hair loss in only a limited part of your scalp, the rest of your hair can seem to be in a weird shape. Shaving your head can balance the overall look of your scalp in that case and grant a better look.

How is a shaved head better than hair transplants?

The strongest part of a shaved head is the fact that it is almost entirely safe. There is no chance of a shaved head gone wrong scenario. Additionally, although it is time-consuming to shave regularly, doing so is relatively low maintenance.

Dr. Utkan Kiziltac

Utkan Kızıltaç, MD, WFUE, ISHRS Assc

Chief Physician and Dermatologist Hair Transplant Surgeon of UnitedCare, a dermatology clinic helping patients become the best version of themselves.

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