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Getting an Unshaven Hair Transplant Is Possible – here’s how

Getting an Unshaven Hair Transplant Is Possible - here’s how

Have you decided on getting a transplant yet?

Let me guess; you have concerns about two things:

1️⃣ Not leaving any nasty surgery scars behind.

2️⃣ Growing your new hair as soon as possible.

Both focus on ensuring that your hair transplant is hidden so you can return to your life quickly.

That is a common request among patients with male pattern baldness who are considering surgery.

And an effective solution to it exists; unshaven hair transplants.

In today’s article, I will talk about this solution, how it works, what it is, and how much of a difference it creates:

Let’s start by asking our first question:

Can You Transplant Hair Without Shaving?

Yes, you can.

👉 It is a possible and effective method, but many patients, unfortunately, hear about it after it’s too late.

The reason behind this is due to the traditionally known methods.

The scenario goes on like this:

➡️ You have FUT, which is decreasing even more in popularity, or you have FUE with the hair-shaving option. 

➡️ And after that, you find yourself with surgery scars on your scalp and shaven hair that will take months to grow and cover those scars up.

But now, with the modern version of FUE, hair transplant surgery is possible without shaving your hair. 

This version is called U-FUE (Unshaven FUE), almost identical to the previously mentioned FUE technique.

It has, however, minor differences in the process and results, so to start the comparison, let’s talk about the traditional and the modernly advanced:

What Are Unshaven Hair Transplants?

Unshaven hair transplants are our most modern and trusted option in the field of hair transplant, as they provide discretion and success simultaneously

👍 And we achieve it by advancing our already existing most prominent version of hair transplants, FUE transplants.

That is because the process of a traditional FUT is practically the complete opposite of what unshaven hair transplants provide:


Amongst the possible techniques for hair transplant surgery, FUT is the oldest and, thus, the least advanced one.

It is still available in many clinics worldwide because extracting and harvesting hair grafts with FUT requires less effort and time than others.

⚠️ However, it has a significant downside due to its process: Leaving nasty scars.

In this technique, your surgeon removes the strip of skin tissue from the back of the scalp to harvest grafts.

And afterward, we use stitches to cover the skinless part and join two ends. 

That way, the FUT surgery leaves scars visible even after complete healing.

❌ Furthermore, as the surgery requires removing tissue from your scalp, this technique is impossible without shaving your head.

Overall, not only do the scars increase your recovery time tremendously, but it also makes shaving your hair unavoidable.

But an unshaven head and scarless scalp are possible with FUE:


FUE transplants are our most common and guaranteed surgery method.

✅ With the FUE surgery process, we create a more precise surgery without needing a strip of skin, which leaves no detectable (to the eye) scars on the scalp.

That is because, in its surgery, we extract hair follicles from the donor site individually.

And after that, we use a micro motorized punch and forceps to plant the hair follicles into the donor area.

So, extraction is done without removing tissue, and plantation is done on a tiny, microscopic level.

🍀 In other words, thanks to these advantages, the FUE technique is possible without removing the hair.

But if the technique is already great on its own, what difference does being unshaven bring?

Shaven vs. Unshaven – is there a difference in results and process?

💠 Let’s start with the process.

The only downside of an FUE surgery is that the surgery lasts a bit longer since hair follicles are extracted individually. 

And when we add not shaving the head, this process gets even longer as the existing hair requires us to be more careful and precise.

👉 So, there is a tradeoff between quality and duration. And that quality is the result.

Despite being more time-consuming, the process will require minimal to no haircut, and after the surgery, it will be hidden under your existing hair.

After the surgery process ends, the rest is pretty much the same.

🌱 The only difference is that you can return to work quicker with your existing hairstyle without waiting at least a week.

But as the process goes more smoothly and discreetly, it potentially increases your FUE surgery’s cost in most cases.

That is why you need to find and consult with the right clinic beforehand:

Get a free consultation now 🩺

Before and after UnitedCare

At UnitedCare, we begin your hair transplant process by offering you a free one-on-one consultation with our expert doctors to determine your suitability. 

💉 If so, our holistic approach provides advanced technologies and bio-enhancements to ensure you do not need another surgery.

Once you have decided on a method, we begin the treatment with the utmost attention.

But most importantly, we stay in contact with our patients even long after the surgery, ensuring that your transplant becomes permanent.

Affordable hair transplant costs, a holistic approach, and experienced dermatologists on-site are here to provide you with the right solution.

Ready to begin the journey? Click here to start the first step with a free consultation:

Hide and achieve the effective transplant now.

Restore your natural look with a Dermatosurgeon:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an unshaven hair transplant cost?

Unshaven hair transplants are only possible with the FUE technique. And choosing not to have your hair shaved requires more time and effort to be put into the surgery. So, an average unshaven hair transplant will be a bit more expensive than an average FUE surgery cost in any country.

What is the most discreet hair transplant?

The most discreet hair transplant is U-FUE (Unshaven FUE) hair transplant. The FUE technique already leaves a less visible scar and has a higher recovery rate than other methods. And when you also mix that with not shaving your hair, any evidence of your transplant becomes almost invisible to the public’s eye.

Who can get an unshaven hair transplant?

Regardless of your chosen method, such as an unshaven hair transplant, all hair transplant surgeries have a set of requirements o be an eligible candidate. However, if you are suitable for a normal one, you should consider these: If you need to return to your everyday life or work more quickly and do not have the time to wait for your transplant to grow back, you can get an unshaven hair transplant. Also, the process will keep your existing hairstyle while increasing your overall look by filling the balding areas. So, if you have long hair that you want to keep, U-FUE is the right choice for you.

Dr. Utkan Kiziltac

Utkan Kızıltaç, MD, WFUE, ISHRS Assc

Chief Physician and Dermatologist Hair Transplant Surgeon of UnitedCare, a dermatology clinic helping patients become the best version of themselves.

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